Fencing Ranges

Precision Engineered in SA

We offer all Aperture sizes and heights:

  • 50-100 Aperture
  • 50-76 Aperture
  • 25-76 Aperture
  • 76-12 Aperture

Premium Gates

Heavy Duty gates made to specification.

Premium gates

Spike Toppings

  • Add Spikes for Extra height and Security
  • Shark Spikes
  • Saber Tooth Spikes
  • Anti Climb Fence Spike 65mm and 100mm

Anti Digs Under Ground Anti Dig Panels

  • Our Underground Intruder Barrier
  • 600mm buried underground panels are fully galvanized and Recommended for High Security Zones
Highly Rated Anti-Tamper Proof Post System

Highly Rated Anti-Tamper Proof Post System

Cover plate: The cover plate is manufactured from a 1.6mm material & can be used to meet customer needs. Colour restrictions apply & are only available in powder coated options. Dimensions 60mm x 16mm x 1.6mm x1.1mm.

Panel: The panel nests securely behind the steel cover plate to form a uniform clamping system. The panel has multiple V bends. The panel is available 3mm,4mm or 5.6.mm wire & panels also available without V bends. Over & above the normal panel called PRISM Max with front & back cross wires is also available.

Fencing Post: The rolled profile (75mm x 60mm x 2.5 or 3mm) is pre-punched prior to the hot dipped galvanising & colour coatings. The system is designed to accommodate uneven ground levels & most difficult landscapes. This works with the steel wall & All Wall. Other panels will need our IPE section.

Fusion Coatings

We Can Manufacture 3mm 4mm 5mm Wire Diameter

In House State of the art Coating Plant offers:

  1. Therma Plascoat Latest Technology in Coating
  2. PVC Polyvinyl Chloride Long Lasting for Coastal Region

Adds Thickness to the mesh

We offer high Tensile Steel Core Galvanized then Fusion Coated (PVC).

Internationally Recognized PVC and Plascoat Options.

We are proud to be the Only Manufacturer to Offer Clients Both Coating Options.

Fusion Coatings